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Check out what the critics have been saying:

"While the lyrics are over the top and intentionally graphic — she often uses a word for the female reproductive organ that rhymes with shunt — the stories hit home because they are situations we have are all familiar with in one way or another... That commonality allows us to laugh along with her, whether we want to admit it or not. But, you might ask, can she sing? Of course she can sing. Gnome is likely one of of the best singers on the Fringe circuit this year." - Edmonton Sun

"Start with the saucy imagery in her lyrics, the gleeful rebellion and faux naivete she brings to belting them out, and her genuine insights into human (sexual) behaviour. She has a terrific voice, good guitar craft, an amazing talent for rhyme schemes and most significantly, a crazy sense of humour... Beyond mere titillation, Gnome has something to say even if it’s often so profane I couldn’t repeat it in a family newspaper... Gnome makes it impossible not to laugh and think." - Edmonton Journal

"Gnome is gifted with a gorgeous voice, as well as serious performing and songwriting chops. You’ll laugh at things you never thought could be funny." - VUE Weekly/EdmontonFringe.ca

"One of the hardest things a comic, musical or stand-up, can do is take a simple sex joke and make it clever and relevant. Sometimes it’s easy to write dirty for a cheap laugh. Despite the level of dirtiness that Shirley sings about she is extremely smart and clever, providing the audience with amazing twists and turns that carry a profound sense of hilarity… Everyone in the audience was having a riot and a standing ovation was just not enough.  -Onstage Ottawa

"There's scarcely a facet of human sexual relations Gnome doesn't seem able to turn into a hilarious song. And yes, provided you're not terribly modest, you will laugh. A lot. Gnome is frank, completely uninhibited, and a smart comedian." - CBC.ca

"Shirley litters the stage with vagina talk so honest and true that you will recognize the ever living heck out of it, and cry laughing in recognition." -Montreal Rampage

"Her impressive singing chops are easily worth the price of admission alone… As the show progresses you start to realize that in between the ridiculousness are serious issues like the pain of denial, a broken heart, and gender equality. It’s then you realize realize writing Gnome off as a frivolous Fringe act would be a mistake."-Forget The Box

"If you love ROCKing out to Second Best Friend you're gonna love this ... she's smart, sassy and sizzling!"-Die Roten Punkte, Best Band In The World

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